10 Myths Busted About Masturbation and Sex Toys

Aditi, 26 Jul 2017

People can easily create a myth by encircling around an initial lie or follow a scientific misunderstanding that was fixed much before. In different societies, a lot of religious and health-related myths have developed around masturbation and the use of sex toys online India. Thus, we’re clearing out ten myths that can easily get dismissed […]

5 Special Secrets to Spice Up your Sex Life


Many people might reckon getting a healthy sex life as an easy thing, but in many cases, it simply doesn’t hold true. Nowadays, having a bad bedtime session is the leading cause of tensed situation in relationships. You will simply be able to see the facts! Men who’re not able to satisfy their women would […]

5 Special Secret of having the Hot & Sensual SEX


The general opinion about sex that people form is that it’s always good, whether you do it on the right or the wrong way, it’s still great. The key point in here is that sex has to be pretty much good all the time, as………you’re having sex. However, just tweaking a few things would ensure […]