6 Sex Positions to Make the Most Out of Your Intimate Moments

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Sex is not just a physical need but a divine act between two souls. When the bodies elope, the love grows stronger than before. The heat of intimacy breaks down the tensions and stress of life and fills the entire room with thirst for your partner. To make your delicate moments more magical, we have short-listed the following 6 sex positions from hundreds.

  1. 1. Sex Position: The Cowgirl a.k.a. Woman on Top

Sex Position The Cowgirl a.k.a. Woman on Top

This sex position is power packed with extreme sensations and erotic views for both sexes. It puts the woman in control, and not only allows deep penetration but also G-spot stimulation for her. And for you; only the view in front of your eyes would be compelling enough to send him off the cliff.

How to: Lie down while she eases her way on to you. She can bend her knees on to your sides for a comfortable position. She can rest her hands on your chest for support. The speed and motion are in full control of the woman in this sex position.

Try this: She can alternatively switch between deep and shallow thrusts for stimulation of different parts of the vagina. The woman can also lie on top of you; the rocking motion will stimulate the clitoris and her breasts rubbing against your chest will be a whole another story.

  1. 2. Sex Position: Doggy Style a.k.a. Man’s Best Friend

Sex Position Doggy Style a.k.a. Man’s Best Friend

When it comes to deep penetration and erotic views, not even the cowgirl can beat this sex position. Doggy Style utilizes the most untouched pleasure zones of woman like her cervix. The position offers the extremely sensuous view of the female body which ignites the flames of desire even more.

Not just the vaginal but the penis stimulation is also of the utmost level in this sex position. To last longer you can use a penis ring. The position might hurt the woman if she is not fully aroused so make sure that you two had sufficient foreplay or tried another sex position beforehand.

How to: The woman bends on her knees in front of you with her palms resting on the floor. You stand on your knees and penetrate her from behind. Hold her by the waist (which is quite erotic) during the thrusting. Start with slow thrusts while enjoying the view. If your woman is comfortable, you can increase your speed.

Try this: This sex position calls for a lot of variations. The woman can try moving her butt forward and backward or move it in a circular motion. She can also vary the angle on which the man thrusts by lifting or lowering her back. You can also change the angle of penetration by altering your elevation.

  1. 3. Sex Position: Reverse Cowgirl

Sex Position Reverse Cowgirl

This sex position is just like the cowgirl position but the woman has her back facing the man. The position allows deep penetration and an erotic view of the back of the woman. She is in charge of the motion and speed while you hold her by the waist. In this sex position, the sensations felt on penis are of the extreme level. You can use a delay cream or spray to help you last longer.

How to: You lie on the bed/floor with your legs stretched out while the woman eases her way on to you facing your feet. She bends her legs and holds your legs for support. Now she can start sliding forward and backward. She can also put her hands on the floor in front of her and then move her butt up and down for a different sensation.

Try this: In this sex position the woman is not only in charge of motion, rhythm and speed but also the angle of penetration. She can change the angle with the movement of her back. She can try different angles for stimulating different parts of the vagina.

  1. 4. Sex Position: The Bicycle

Sex Position The Bicycle

This sex position is one of the easiest. It allows effortless deep penetration where you and your partner can dive into the pool of ecstasy together. If it is the first time for the woman, this position provides angle for easy insertion. You are in charge of the thrusts but your woman can indicate her preference by flexing her thighs.

How to: The woman lies on the edge of the bed with her legs held in the air. You stand on the ground and insert the penis while grabbing her ankles. The woman can also place her heels on your shoulders.

Try this: The woman can stimulate her clitoris herself or you can do it for her when she’s resting her heels on your shoulders.

  1. 5. Sex Position: The Lap Dance a.k.a Face Off

Sex Position The Lap Dance a.k.a Face Off

This sex position is among the most sensuous ones. You feel the closeness of your partner while your manhood is inside her. The smell of your woman works like fuel for your sexual desires and the touch of her bare body (against yours) lifts up the intimacy to levels higher than the clouds. The same is experienced by your woman. The position does not hyper stimulates the penis and so you can perform for longer durations.

How to: Sit on the edge of the bed or on a chair. The woman sits on your lap facing you. Once you are inside her, she can wrap her arms around your back and ride you up and down. Her knees rest on the bed at your sides.

Try this: This sex position calls for some sizzling kisses and biting (if you are into that). You can stimulate the erogenous parts of her upper body (and so can she). The best part of these passionate acts is that you can also play with her breasts with your mouth.

  1. 6. Sex Position: Kitchen Confidential

Sex Position Kitchen Confidential

This sex position is great for a quickie and allows deep penetration. The position also offers space for cozy hugs and wild kisses while the business keeps running down the waist.

How to: Have her sit on the kitchen counter or shelf while you stand in close proximity. She raises her legs and you insert your penis inside her. The woman should wrap her legs around your waist or butt or thighs for support.

Try this: Kiss her on the neck and other erogenous spots of the upper body to increase the heat and intimacy.

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