What is Best for You: Delay Gel, Cream, Spray or Oil?

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While man dislikes a lot of stuff, premature ejaculation is one thing he hates from the bottom of his heart. It occurs due to various reasons depending on the age and circumstances of each individual but it is possible to counter. While delay gels, delay creams and other variants all do the same thing (that is stopping early climax), the manner in which they work differs from one another.

In this thread we will discuss about how delay gels, delay creams, delay oil and delay spray differ from one another and what is best for you. But before that, it is necessary to know that reasons for this inopportune phenomena are not just physical but psychological as well.

Best Products for Premature Ejaculation

Delay Gels

Starting with the delay gels, it is a viscous gel composed of active ingredients like Benzocaine. On application to the penis shaft, the gel seeps in and desensitizes the hyper sensitivity. It is meant for psychological reason like doing it for the first time, anxiety, or depression. And once you perform well with the delay gel, your confidence will return and the anxiety will take its farewell.

Delay Creams

Delay creams work the same as the delay gels. It has the same active ingredients, the same effect and the same application method. If you do not like the feel of gel over your penis, you can resort to delay cream which is often colorless, tasteless and odorless. You can also use it to perform for longer periods of time (like the delay gel and delay spray) even if you do not have any condition in relation to premature ejaculation.

Delay Spray

Delay spray is like the instant solution to premature ejaculation which occurs due to fear, anxiety, depression and guilt. It contains Benzocaine or some other chemical to desensitize the hyper sensitive penis. You need to spray it on the head and shaft 10 minutes before intercourse. Also, do not remember to wash off it before actually inserting it anywhere. Once you are ready, get ready for a memorable ride to the stars.

You can also use condoms along with using delay spray. And while you are at it, checkout 7 Reasons Why Condoms are the Best Contraceptive.

Delay Oil

Delay oil works very differently than delay gels and all other stuffs mentioned above. Unlike the delay gel, neither does it desensitize the penis nor does it work instantly. Upon regular use of delay oil (as specified on the product), the blood flow to the penis increases. This not only fights off the problem of premature ejaculation but also increases the strength, stamina and vigor all together. Erectile dysfunction also finds its way through the backdoor.

Delay oil works permanently. It works for physical issues and strengthens the penis from within. For psychological issues, it may take time to come into action unlike the delay gels and delay sprays.

Now since you know the difference between delay spray, cream, gel and oil, you can make your decision to buy any of the sex boosters depending upon your need.

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