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As everyone on this blue planet already knows, life without a bra is not possible anymore. Not only for women but men cannot let go of the thrill of pulling their partner out of this frisky piece of undergarment. It is probably the most diverse piece of garment invented by humans. Bra & Panty designers do not just come with new design but new and different types of bra as well.

Today brassieres have become more than their definition. These are not just an undergarment to support the women’s breasts. Depending on the clothes one selects for different occasions, there are bra types to choose from. These not only compliment the exterior wardrobe but also enhance the overall look of the attire. You can also checkout Sexy Lingerie: Making Your Man Vulnerable To Your Charisma for insights on the magic of brassieres.

Bra Types:

Depending on the wardrobe, body build and comfort, one can find different types of bra, some of which are mentioned here.

Full Support Bra: It is designed to cover the entire bust. It is a regular wear undergarment you can wear everyday with full comfort. If you are heavy on your chest, it is perfect for you to have complete support.

full support bra

Padded Bra: It is padded to give the breasts a fuller form. It gives a more attractive shape to the bust and makes every dress look good on the body.

padded bra

Pushup Bra: This bra type is extremely popular among women and loved by men. The bra is padded at the lower base. It lifts up the breasts and gives an impression of a bigger bust. It also gives better shape to the bust while making it extremely seductive.

pushup bra

Backless Bra: This one has very low back strap or a transparent one or both. It gives you freedom to wear backless dresses whenever you want.

Backless Bra

Strapless / Adhesive / Stick On Bra: These bra types do not have strap at all. It sticks to the bosom and compliments backless dresses.

stick on bra

Halter Bra: To compliment you halter dress you need to have this one. It doesn’t rest on your shoulder but hugs the neck like the apron does. This one also gives the vibe of a casual piece of undergarment and you can wear it under your t shirt.

halter bra

Convertible Bra: The straps of this wonderful bra type can be detached and rearranged in multiple ways to go along with the style of the dress you are wearing. You can make it halter, criss-cross, one shouldered or the classic one according to your need.

convertible bra straps

Demi Bra: It is a sexy lingerie garment which has half shaped cups. It enhances the cleavage and gives the dress a sexy look. With deep neck clothing, this brassier can be worn effectively.

demi bra

Sports Bra: This bra type is ideal for workout sessions. It keeps the breasts firm at their place no matter if you are jogging or doing yoga poses.

sports bra

Sheer Bra/ Transparent Bra: As the name suggests, it is a see though one. Being part of the sexy lingerie items it is meant for glamour in the bedroom not support or comfort.

sheer bra

Lace Bra: It has got its name because of the material used in the manufacturing. It can have Halter, full coverage, backless, padded or any other form. A lace bra is quite soft. This bra type looks excessively feminine and seductive; the ultimate male magnet.

lace bra

Wireless Bra/ Natural Shape Bra: This one lets the breasts retain their natural shape without any kind of discomfort.

wireless bra

Maternity Bra: This one is made for the mothers who need to feed their newborn. The cups can be detached from the strap to free the breasts.

maternity bra

Cup-less Bra: These bra types do not have cups at all. Neither does it provide support to the bust nor can it be worn under the garments. It is meant to ignite the flames in the bedroom. This sexy item is a perfect treat to your partner’s eyes.

cupless bra

Bandeau Bra: it is a band of cloth designed to wrap around the breasts.

Bandeau Bra

Front Closure Bra: As the name suggests, this one opens and closes at the front. The hook has in front instead of the back.

front closure bra

Aside from these bra types there are also free size and the ones made from the accumulation of two or more. You can have a pushup bra which opens at the front, or the halter bra made out of laces, the embroidered bra for belly dancing, or the strapless one made into a bridal bra.

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