Does Size Matter?

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The question remains on the mind of men if not on the tongue- Does size matter?

It’s been so long since this matter is out in the open but still people do not have a clear cut answer to their query. And it is because the answer to this question varies according to the individual. For some women, the size matters and for others, it does not.

Now we will discuss in detail the answer to- when the size matters and when it does not.

When size matters

size matters

Sorry to announce to all those who have small size, but to some women, size does matter. But this percentage is also way too small. Women need a bigger penis only if they get off with intense vaginal penetration. For all others, it’s the technique and the stamina.

But even if your girl wants a bigger penis and you do not have one; you can check out some of the penis enlargement oils and cream or the much famed Bathmate hydromax to help you out. You can get the insight on the working of the Bathmate here: Does Penis Enlargement Pump Really Work? Hope you find the one remedy that works best for you.

When size does not matter

size doesnt matter

Those seeking the answer to- Does size matter, you can rest assured as the majority of women do not need a big junk to satisfy them. The nerve endings (pleasure receivers) are concentrated largely on the vaginal opening and the clitoris. It’s all about pushing the right buttons at the right time, and above all, having fun.

You need to have an expertise in foreplay to bring her to the edge of climax and the stamina to last long enough to take her to the stars. To master the art of teasing and touching, you might need some time but to last long enough you can try one or two male enhancement products. Before going for a product blindly, you should read the article on What Is Best for You: Delay Gel, Cream, Spray or Oil?

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