Exciting Ways to Spice up Your Sex Life with Yoga Techniques

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The ancient art of yoga has been associated with immense benefits since a long time. People have noted quite good effects on their overall health and well-being by implementing these exercises in their daily routine. Yogis are always known to have a glow in their face with are known to live a long and healthy life. Yoga is quite an amazing activity, and it helps to maintain a delicate balance in your well-being, mentally, physically and emotionally. With the fundamental teachings of embracing each moment of life in a single breath, yoga would let you establish a better connection between you and your partner-spiritually, physically and even sexually.

With yoga, you can quickly tone your body and reduce levels related to stress with a major increase in energy, but quite fewer people are familiar with the benefits of yoga for hiking up your libido and improving sex life. With the addition of sex toys online India like vibrators you can bring a creative and fun side to your sex life.

Here are a few basic benefits of yoga and you can reap the best of these by practicing it daily.

  • With Yoga, you can maintain better self-esteem and a healthy body image
  • Increase in flexibility through Yoga
  • Increase in Libido through Yoga
  • Yoga helps in appreciating awareness and gaining knowledge about the present moment.

There are a lot of yoga practices that would result in increased blood circulation to the pelvic region making the whole area alive than ever, resulting in love-fueled and fun sexual experience with your loved one. However, adding up women sex toys like sex vibrator with an already enhanced physical state is just icing on the cake.

Yoga poses for increasing Libido


All these poses are meant for beginners and experienced yogis alike. By practicing these poses regularly, they can heighten body awareness and increase flexibility with better self-confidence which would make you feel much more relaxed and confident in your relationship.

Pigeon Pose

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  • Your left shin has to be parallel to the mat top while drawing heel closer to the groin
  • Slowly lower down to forearms, rest head it arms or a block onto the mat.
  • Hold the pose for ten breaths before you change the side.

Benefits – The move is excellent for releasing deep tension in hips while putting the mind in a total chill mode. You would bring your attention to the breath, while you move away from the thoughts in the present moment. With this movement, you’ll have an enhanced sense of intimacy with your loved one.

Cow/Cat Flow

Cow cat

  • You have to begin the flow in a tabletop position, while your shoulders lie directly above the wrists and your hips are positioned over the knees
  • Arch back while you inhale (Cow Pose), lift the chest away from your tummy and reach tailbone skyward.
  • Now exhale and round your back up again (Cat), while you draw your belly in the spine while separating the shoulder blades.

The movement has to be repeated 5 times.

Eagle Pose

eagle pose

  • Ground down through the left foot while you’re bending the same knee.
  • Lift your right foot, and cross it over the left knee and bring the right foot front near your left calf, or anything that is reachable.
  • Now tuck down your tailbone, slowly sink into your legs.
  • While inhaling move your arms ahead. Cross your left arm over the right and fold the forearms at the elbow while wrapping around each other for bringing your palms together. Lift your elbows up and stretch at heart back.

The movement has to be held till five breaths before moving onto another side.

With the worldwide celebration of International Yoga Day, we just helped you gain insight about how yoga contributes majorly to the improvement of your sexual functions with an enhanced sense of sexual well-being with the help of these exercises. Sex toys for women can be used for spicing up your sex life with much better intimacy.

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