How Foreplay Helps To Last Longer In Bed

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Women are hard to satisfy and bringing one to the climax is no joke. On the other hand, men have issues controlling the ejaculation. Whether or not one suffers from premature ejaculation, men always find it hard to fulfill a woman’s desire. And we will discuss how foreplay helps to last longer in bed so that you can take her to stars and back.

How to last longer in bed with Foreplay

Men take maximum of 5 minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm and if he suffers from premature ejaculation 2 minutes is all he need. Now let us discuss how to last longer in bed with foreplay.

Believe it or not, if you want your woman to climax with you, do not leave out foreplay. Women take some time reaching the point where she becomes ready for sex. If you do not know much about foreplay, just go with the flow and have fun making out. If you want to learn some focus points, read below.

The art of foreplay

the art of foreplay

Kissing on the lips, neck and her erogenous spots along with touching the right way and at the right place is the key to a good foreplay. But do not rush. One thing that most men get wrong is the breast stimulation. It may be a trigger to excite the woman but this trigger also needs to be active before you start pressing it. If you go charging directly at the breasts, it will hurt her.

Start with gentle touch near the waist, neck, and the breast line. Trail your fingers on her body. It will surely leave out gasps from her mouth. And that’s when you can go for the groping (which all men love to do). Now it’s all yours to kiss, suck or press. But still, do not go overboard. It’s part of her body, not your spongy toy.

Hit the mark

When she is ready for the penetration, you will know from her breathing, body temperature and obviously lubricated vagina. It is the point where she is near the cliff and all she needs is a penetrative push to fall off the cliff of extreme bliss. At this state, her climax timing will match yours and the rest you know.

A little help

It may take you some time to become a pro at the art of foreplay until then, you are more than welcomed to use male enhancement products. All you need to do is to apply some delay gel or cream before you go for the long run. You can check out: What is Best for You: Delay Gel, Cream, Spray Or Oil? Aside from that, there are also some climax delay premium condoms which help you last longer in bed.

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