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Rough sex can be one of the most intense sexual experiences for any couple. This type of sexual play is not only a stress reducer, it can bring your closer to your partner. It must be mentioned that rough sex doesn’t have to be about whips and chains, although it can be, it is mainly about the emotional side of domination and fantasy. There is a barrage of ways that you can pleasure your partner through rough sex.

But what if your girl doesn’t like this type of activity in the bedroom? Here are a few ways that you can get her to love rough sex while building intimacy at the same time.

Talk To Her About Your Sexual Desires

The first thing that you need to do about the fact that you want rough sex is to tell your girlfriend or wife how you feel. Communication is the key to every relationship and every sex life. She’s not going to know that it’s something you like or want unless you tell her.

So many guys assume that women can tell what they want and what they are thinking, but women are not mind readers. They only know as much about you as you do about them if neither of you are asking the right questions.

So, how do you bring this up? It’s very simple. Say that you would like your sex life to be more passionate. This type of sex is more about passion than violence and every girl craves that type of connection with their partner.

Use Foreplay To Your Advantage

Guys are known to take the foreplay from 0-60, but women are not like this. If you want your girlfriend or wife to love rough sex then you need to get her in the mood. As stated before, this type of sex is all about passion and nothing is going to make her more passionate than foreplay.

Teasing and kissing are the best ways to increase the amount of intimacy and passion during sex so you need to use them to your advantage. Make sure that you are not groping her for 5 seconds and then trying to stick it in. If she tries to advance past foreplay, make her wait. This is going to drive her crazy and increase the passion on her side.

Start Slow With Rough Sex Play

Like we said before, this type of sex doesn’t have to be about whips and chains, but it can be. The last thing that you want to do is tie her up before you even pull her hair. By starting out slow you don’t run the risk of scaring her off.

Women want to feel comfortable with their partner and when you take them out of their comfort zone too fast you will leave a lasting impression. This can even put a damper on the entire relationship, setting you back further than before. It is important to start out slow and work your way up rougher sex through biting, hair pulling, and scratching when your partner feels comfortable.

Be In The Moment

They call it living in the moment for a reason. It puts you and your partner in a vulnerable state. If you reach this state too fast it’s not going to be fun for either of you. However, once you have built your way up, she’s going to feel comfortable enough to let her devious side show.

Don’t let fear of rejection hold either of you back. It is a good idea to lay some ground rules before hand so you don’t cross the line, but you should never be afraid to let your kinky side show during sex. Most couples find that after they have thrown caution to the wind, they are happier in the relationship and are more communicative with other.

By increasing the passion and being in the moment during sex you can invigorate other aspects of the relationship naturally.

Let Her Take Control

It’s not all about you. If you really want your girlfriend or wife to love rough sex, let her have control over the situation. All women have sexual fantasies. Whether she’s submissive or dominant in the bedroom, giving her reins can lead to a more positive outcome. So many guys make the mistake of trying to take control in the bedroom when their partners might have a fantasy of taking control themselves.

Let her live out her fantasies and she will become even more open to expanding your sexual repertoire.

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