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Premature ejaculation can make sex terrible for both you and your lover. Here’s how you can last longer in bed NATURALLY, and give your girl amazing sex!

Let’s face it. When it comes to sex, one of the worst things that can happen to a man is not being able to last long enough to fulfill their female partners. The simple truth is that over 70% of women are unable to achieve an orgasm during intercourse. Unfortunately, a lot of the blame is placed squarely on the man’s shoulders. But there is also another truth about lasting longer and giving a woman an orgasm. Curious to know what it is?

Lasting Longer Is NOT The Key To Great Sex

Despite conventional wisdom, that is true. You see, for the vast majority of women, how you bring them to an orgasm is much more important than the end climax. Many guys want to improve their sexual stamina thinking that is the only way to satisfy a woman. It is great to have an exceptional stamina. But the thing is, most women are not able to have penetrative sex for more than 15 minutes without feeling uncomfortable or even painful, due to the vagina drying up from the constant thrusting.

What women want is really simple – proper foreplay and an emotional connection during lovemaking. Many women like oral sex, so it pays to incorporate this into your sexual routine before heading into intercourse.

Why? Well, your tongue has the strongest muscle in the human body. It can easily provide the stimulus to bring her to an amazing orgasm through clitoral stimulation using just the tongue. In addition, having an orgasm BEFORE intercourse can make her multi-orgasmic during actual sex!

So Is Stamina No Longer Important?

It is still vital in a sexual relationship. You just need to last as long as it is required to bring her to a climax FIRST. Most women need about 10-15 minutes on average toclimax, so it’s great to be able to last at least that amount of time.

But more importantly, pay attention to HER needs first. Do whatever you can to bring her to an erotic boil. Adequate amounts of foreplay, oral sex or even verbal seduction can get her aroused and prime her for an easier (and faster) orgasm during intercourse.

Something “magical” happens when you are able to satisfy her first. You see, for most men, the inability to last during sex arises from “performance pressure”. But once you have given her an orgasm BEFORE intercourse – for example, through oral sex – you will no longer feel the pressure to perform. And ironically, that will naturally help you last longer and give her the wildest time in bed imaginable!

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