What makes monsoons the perfect season for having sex?

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Just by the word sex, there is a lot that comes to mind and creates a lot of influence on the mind and the way people would be able to think. Some people would just become excited by hearing the word, or it might create a negative effect with the feeling of disgust and fear. Commonly the thought of sleeping with someone of the opposite sex can make someone cringe, while prickles can reach the spine of a sex maniac.

Of course, you’re not on the other side of the page. If you’re here and love to try new stuff like sex toys in Mumbai, we can list you down as a sex maniac. If you’ve tried most of the stuff in bed with your partners and are quite used to the stuff you do most often, it’s time for you to get out of the room and try something new. Enjoying sex can be a whole new experience with your partner if you alter the environment around you.

While it’s just the beginning of the rainy season, it’s time for you to fulfill all your mutual fantasies by finding casual online sex or just getting close to a loved one. Sex is so special during monsoons as anytime would be perfect for initiating sex. Here are a few reasons why monsoons are the season of love and sex with the addition of sex toys in Mumbai.

  1. Pleasant weather

Monsoons would make up as a nice weather choice, and one can quickly feel relax for acting on carnal desires through local dating or online sex. Just the pleasant combo of a windy weather with tiny water droplets cooling down the environment making most people eager and turned on to feel the warmth of bodies. For a better sex action cock rings can be tried with extremely warm and tingling sensations.

  1. Having sex in rain

We’d call it another thing for immense pleasure! Sex is always more steamy and fun when it’s done wet. Save some water and go out in the rain. The simple reason here is the human body being covered in wet clothes is a complete setting for bringing arousals. The sight of wet people is soothing and calming for your senses with the act itself as well. In India, sex is mostly based on the rainy weather.



  1. The best season

You’re just done with summers, and probably it’s quite less that you like about the season. Summer season is enough hot, dry and sticky for even considering the idea of sex. On the other hand, winters would be just too harsh and cold for spending time towards the act of sexual gratification. The best gift from India sex and nature is the monsoon season that just helps you in getting off all inhibitions, would relax the mind and consider offering additional pleasure to your partner while receiving some for yourself.

  1. The monsoon just stimulates that additional bit for initiating mind blowing sex.

Monsoon has always been associated with being the perfect season for romance, whether be it the movies or adult stuff, it would surely get spiced up greatly if the rain or shower drops in. The intensity of pleasure just sums up to a whole new scope, and people are more wet and horny than ever. Vibrator in India is a perfect addition to your sex life with its heightened excitement factor.

  1. Romantic music and rain

If you’re getting a taste for romantic music, you’ll notice a lot of these songs are dedicated to romance in the rainy weather. The music would just sum up to the perfect element for a sexual ambience with the rain as well.

It’s a known fact that during monsoons most people are a little bit more turned on to get involved in kinky and intimate stuff with things like Vibrator in India sex toys. Everyone loves being indoors (in some cases outdoors as well) while being with their closed ones and just feel a little bit more romantic in the season of rain. And with the addition of sex toys like cock rings and massagers, it’s just like a fantasy come true.

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