How Orgasm Can Build Up A Trustworthy Relationship?

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Almost everyone knows the benefits of orgasm but do you know that frequent orgasms can help your partner to stay loyal to you?

You should ask how we know this. And we pay our respect to the scientists who can do a research on just about anything.

Orgasms are wonderful. And its magic wand is the release of Oxytocin (often called as Love Hormone). From slashing stress to bits and pieces to strengthening immune system, it has lots of benefits for both men and women. But researchers from Germany found that the oxytocin can help build up loyalty in the relationship.

The Research

In 2012 they gave high doses of Oxytocin to a group of heterosexual men (those who are attracted to only women). After that, they were introduced to an attractive woman. And by attractive, we mean very attractive.

The researchers thought that the high dose of love hormone (Oxytocin) would compel the men to get closer to the opposite sex but the result was opposite to their theory.

Those men who were in a relationship ended up distancing themselves about 4 to 6 inches farther than the single men. Thus proving the release of Oxytocin, or say an Orgasm, to be helpful in holding on to the relationship they already had instead of forming a new one.

So next time, you decide to have sex, do not leave your partner without an orgasm. And if you want some help with the same, feel free to bring a sex toy in the bedroom like a vibrator or a vibrating penis sleeve/ring. So you two can enjoy the love to the fullest and stay happy together. Check out also – Introducing Sex Toys into Your Relationship

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