Introducing Sex Toys into Your Relationship


Indian society is reserved. The topic of sex before the elderly in itself is taboo. Sex is discussed only among the friends with almost same level of experience in the field as you. For India, discussing the sex positions or your immediate concerns over use of sex toys, internet is the best buddy. The vast […]

Why You Need a Vibrator


There have been many misconceptions revolving around the use of vibrators/massagers and dildos. One of the common misunderstandings about the female massager is its reputation as a masturbation device for ladies. However, vibrators for women are not just a tool of self-pleasure. They can also boost up the pleasure of sexual intercourse for couples. In […]

Beginner’s Guide to Choose Sex Toys for Men


Sex toys for men come in various designs and specifications. While those who are familiar to sex toys do not find any difficulty in choosing one but beginners often find themselves in a hitch over the selection. The more the options are, the greater is the confusion. If you want to know how to choose […]