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Well, this has already been established that condoms are the best contraceptive methods to ever devised. If you need some insight on why; feel free to check out: 7 Reasons Why Condoms are the Best Contraceptive. We are not here to discuss why you should not do sex without condom but to discuss how to convince your woman into using one.

Yes, you read it right- your woman. Men love sex without condom but it’s not always the man who needs to be taught to use a condom. Some women also insist on doing it without using one.

sex without condom

Things she says for having sex without condom

Let us put some common scenarios your girl sets in front of you when she wants it without the condom along with the answers to tackle them like a pro.

  1. I don’t want anything between us.
  2. I want to feel your skin inside me rather than a piece of latex.
  3. It is a mood killer to put on the condom in between all the heat.
  4. I am allergic to latex.
  5. I want to feel closer to you.
  6. I will use an emergency contraceptive pill.
  7. You can pull out in time.
  8. It does not feel good inside me.
  9. Why are you so afraid of STDs? Are you doing it with someone else too?

Better safe than sorry

Well, when you hear one of these you would absolutely want to jump to the moon in pure delight. But it would be good to hold your horses. And you clearly know why. You are clearly not the kid who doesn’t know the risk of sex without condom.

How to Say NO to Sex without Condom

Now let’s work on these absolutely charming one-liners of bliss, excuse and accusation you hear often when your woman wants to have it unwrapped.

How to Say NO to Sex without Condom

Excuse for skin to skin contact

If your girl says she doesn’t want anything between you and her or that she wants to feel your skin inside her or she wants to feel closer to you; aside from telling her the obvious why you do not want sex without condom, you can use an ultra-thin premium condom. It is so thin that you get the feel as if nothing is between you and her.

Short break to put one on

If her defense is the troublesome short break to put on the condom, you can use a flavored condom which she can put on herself. She can also use her mouth to put it on (wink) and make it the part of foreplay with the flavored oral sex. Alternatively, you can use a female condom which can be worn way before you even decide to have sex. If you are clueless about it, check out: What is a Female Condom?

The allergy excuse

If she says she is allergic to latex (even if she is allergic or not), you can absolutely hit this one for a Homerun. There are also non-latex condoms available. Be it the female condom or the male one, you can buy condoms online made out of polyurethane, AT-10 resin, and polyisoprene. These might be costly but worth the price.

Alternative approach with emergency pill

When men want to have sex without condom, they often tell the woman to take an emergency contraceptive pill. This is a complete selfish request on their end. But sometimes, women also say that they will take a pill to stop the pregnancy just to stop the condom from crawling into the sex. You might want to tear your clothes and get at it the moment these words escape her mouth but not so fast.

say no to pills and yes to condom

First thing, the emergency contraceptive pills are for emergency only, when your conventional contraception fails at the work like the condom tears off in the act or anything alike. You cannot use one with planning.

The woman should not take the emergency pill more than once in a menstruation cycle. So if she takes one now just to have sex without condom and your regular contraceptive fails in the same period, then what? Also the success rate of emergency contraceptive pills ranges from 95% to 58% depending on the time you take it. The first day has the maximum effect and the third day has the lowest.

The Pull-out Game

Now coming to the point where she says that you can pull out in time (Ahem). For your information, only the bravest of men use this method and only the most serene minded succeed at it. Even if you proceed with sex without condom and try to pull out in time, there is no guarantee for birth control because the pre-cum can also impregnate the woman. Shocked? Also, what about STDs? So tell your woman about it and wear a condom.

Doesn’t feel good?

If she puts words like, ‘it does not feel good inside me’; you can be sure that it is a pure words-play and you should use words to tackle it. But first, you can try some genuine methods in case your girl is serious about it, like using the female condom which is not tight to the skin, using the ultrathin condom, using the vibrating penis sleeve, or using the non-latex condom. If she still says it doesn’t feel good, words are your only escape from sex without condom.

Aside from telling her that it is to protect you both from STDs, you can try to tell her that you cannot have a baby every year or when you cannot afford one. Tell her that just like she doesn’t like its feel inside her, you also do not like it covered on your penis. So she should bear with it unless you two want to start a family. If you find it in yourself to say no to sex (cough), you can tell her a straight NO if she still clings on to the idea of sex without condom.

Are you cheating on me?

Now, for her last one liner where she accuses you of being with someone else for mentioning STDs again and again; you would surely jump in to prove her wrong and fulfill her wish. But act tough my friend. Before you do anything or say anything to her, keep in mind that she is just provoking you so that you get off your act of patience and give in to the desires you are trying so hard to compress, that is, sex without condom. Since it’s only a feint, you can come up with your own strategy to counter this one depending on your nature of relationship.

The counter may include smiling and kissing her on the forehead, put on a condom and through her on the bed, the rest you know. It may also include doing the thing for her which means a lot to her. In my case, it includes cooking for her no matter what time of night it is. And in case of my close friend, he goes down on her partner whenever she says something like this.

So make up with your woman and have safe sex and a healthy lifestyle.

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