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First night in the life of any couple is interesting and exciting. Many women love to flaunt in their body in sexy lingerie’s especially on their first night. If you are also a woman ready to woo your man on the first night, get ready to pick up a nice lingerie for yourself. We have compiled a list of some of the sexy lingerie’s available in the market.

Lingerie love and first night

First night in the life of any women is as special as that in the life of a man. On the first night, a girl would love to sweep her man off his feet. Making the right selection of lingerie for the special night will leave him enchanted and demanding you for more. Sexy and attractive lingerie’s are available in the market of various brands.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie

5 types of sexy lingerie for the first night of the women

Lace lingerie:

Women look very attractive and sexy wearing a lace lingerie. You can easily find lace lingerie of many big brands in the market. Colors of black, wine, red and purple are the perfect choice for the first night. On top of the lace lingerie, you can wear a semi – lace stitched sexy night ware and leave him spell bound on the first day.


Many men love seeing their lady in thongs. Giving the girl a very sexy look, thongs is the perfect choice for your first night. Women who have heavy and full hips will look all the more attractive wearing thongs. Thongs are also available in dual shades.

Adult products for women

Adult products for women


Another great choice for the first night, pick a corset in shades of black and red and rule your men on the first night. The breasts of women are uplifted wearing thongs and men will also love to do foul play with their lady on the first night seeing the beautiful attire.

Transparent Baby doll:

Beautiful, sexy and attractive short night gowns though worn over panty, but make the women look amazing! Pick a transparent baby doll for your first night, which will also give your man a glimpse of the beautiful lingerie you are wearing underneath.


If you are the fun loving type, the bikini style lingerie can also be perfect for the first night with your partner. Available in vibrant and bold shades, halter is a great bikini style in fashion nowadays. You can pick a color of your man’s choice to make him feel special on the first day.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie

These beautiful pieces of lingerie will make you look attractive! With a variety of color options and styles, there is a lot to choose and pick from. Men you can also pick lingerie for your lady love along with some Sex products and sex toys on the first night and give her as a special gift to make her feel special. Browse through stunning collections available online or visit the stores directly to pick her favorite one. Dont forget to buy online condoms.

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