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Vaginal Washes & Cleaning Sprays

Cleaning the vagina is as important as cleaning every other body part. Normally the vagina cleans itself up with the internal lubricants. You just need to clean it with gentle warm water. But after periods or in some special conditions you can use vaginal washes and cleaning sprays to keep your precious part healthy. Keep in mind; never, ever use the same soap you use to wash the inside of your privates. The pH level is more acidic ‘down there’ than the rest of the body. Your normal soap can disrupt the original pH levels which can lead to harshness or other things as such. The vaginal washes and cleaning sprays are prepared according to the need of the vagina. It cleans your vagina smoothly and doesn’t call the complications. They are super easy to use too. So next time, you decide to wash your vagina with regular soap, think again. (For those who do not know what pH level is: It is a number representing the acidity or alkalinity of an item, solution or compound. It is taken on a logarithmic scale with 7 as a base. If the value of pH is lower than 7, it is acidic. If it is greater than 7 then it is basic. And absolutely, if it is equal to 7 then the item is neutral.). We have also a large collection of Vagina Tightening Cream & Gel. Here at sexcare, you Find an awesome deal.

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