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Female Condom

Out of all the available birth control measures, condoms are the most accepted one. Not only they are effective and easy to use but also lie in the budget. While But female condoms are not that much in vogue. Only a handful of the population in India knows about it and even lesser people use them.
As the name suggests, a female condom is a birth control measure targeted for women. It is as effective in birth control as its male counterpart. The main difference between the two is that a female condom is inserted into the vagina rather than wearing it on the penis. The condom ring hangs outside the vaginal opening and you can pull it out after use. You can also use a sex lubricant for smoother experience.

Buy female condom online

While putting the female condom for the first time can be tricky, buying it is not. You can buy female condom online without those smirks and side glares. Browse online and place your order with the confidence of 100% privacy protection.
Also, you can learn how to use a female condom on the blog about female condoms. Also do not use male condom while using the female one. Using two at the same time will not increase the success rate but may cause tearing of both resulting in unwanted pregnancy.

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