Why Winter Sex is the Best Sex?

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Winters are here and so are the cozy hugs under the blankets. Nothing beats the heat of love in a dark cold night. And when you know sex improves the immune system, you have all the reasons to do it.

Unlike summer, getting naked in any corner of the room and starting at it, is out of the options in winter. But this does not mean the chilly weather does not have any advantage.

When the clothes fall off, blanket provides the warmness. The heat which escapes the bare bodies gets trapped in the blanket only to increase the temperature. This heat makes the environment fit to give in to your desires.

The sensations of two bodies rubbing against each other increases the hunger for sex even more. And do not forget the chilly air which finds its way into the blanket shivering the body only to increase the yearning for more closeness.

And if you are using a Delay Gel, the night can stretch for some more fun. Also, if you are looking to include Sex Toys for couples to introduce in your foreplay or lovemaking for that extra fun, check out the blog on Introducing Sex Toys into Your Relationship.

And only those who have experienced the sex in winter will know the magic of sleep which comes after an intense session of lovemaking. Stress takes its farewell and you two are in for a cozy night.

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