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Flavored Condoms

It is possible that you might be using flavored condoms but never use it like it is meant to be used. Very few men know why condoms have a flavor. People feel embarrassed asking sexual wellness questions in person. That’s why such queries seek answer online. Here at Sexcare you will not only get the right information but can also buy flavored condoms online.

Why Condoms are flavored?

Flavored condoms make sex much more intimidating than ever. They carry a sweet flavoring lubricant which is edible in all means. It is meant to treat the taste buds of your lady when she gives you a blowjob.
Flavored condoms make oral sex more enjoyable (for her) and also safe from STD. While you get the pleasure of oral sex, your partner will get the taste and smell of her favorite fruit or desert. Also, these specially lubricated condoms saturate the whole room with the fragrance they are flavored with.
When you open up a strawberry flavored condom, its aroma fills up the room and it smell like a fresh batch of strawberry flourished right under the bed. The same goes with all the flavors. Flavored condoms are available in banana, strawberry, orange, chocolate, coffee, mint, jasmine, blueberry, hazel nut, Choco- vanilla, grapes, black grapes, green apple, pine-apple, bubble gum and even butterscotch flavor.
Not just you have the option to choose from so many variants, you can also experiment with different flavors. While using the flavored condoms, there is one particular thing to keep in mind. Some flavored condoms are not fit for vaginal penetration. Their flavoring consists of sugar which is not good for the insides of vagina. So be wary of what you are putting on.
At Sexcare you can buy all of these varieties along with other sexual wellness products like lubricants and vibrating penis rings. You can buy the best flavored condoms from brands like Moods condoms, Kamasutra condoms, Durex flavored condoms, Skore flavored condoms and many more. Just place your order and get it delivered right to your home in discreet packaging.

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