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It is hard to find a country which does not have active presence of condoms. These little birth control tools have made their presence known worldwide. The reason for its popularity and wide use lies in its effectiveness and simple application. Now, when condoms have become a fundamental contraceptive method, why not add extra element to it? Thus, premium condoms were invented.
Textured condoms and climax delay condoms are most common premium condoms you can find in the online and offline market. Discussing each individually, dotted condoms are the most prevalent textured condoms. They carry embossed dots on the exterior surface which increase the sensations inside the vagina.
The same goes with the ribbed condoms. The embossed ribs on the exterior surface heighten the pleasure of sex for your partner. Dotted condoms and ribbed condoms also come with various other specifications like the one with flavoring lube (flavored condoms), one which is anatomically shaped, and the one with climax delay formula. Although all the condoms are lubricated, you can also buy lubricant online to pair with a latex condom and make customized condom of your favorite flavor.
The other type of premium condom - climax delay condoms are meant especially for men. Benzocaine coats the inner surface of the condom, which decreases the hypersensitivity of the penis. Just wear the climax delay condom on an erect penis 2-3 minutes before having sex. Once the chemical sets in, your ejaculation timing will increase many folds. And you can go on and on for extended periods of time.

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