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Sex lubricants are the smoothening agents to make sexual intercourse more enjoyable. The way mechanical machines need lube to get away with the friction, sexual activity needs it to fight off the painful thrusts. However, one must not confuse the personal lubricant with the engine oil. These two are different like the water of the ocean and the river.
Although the vagina of an aroused woman makes natural lubricants but its amount varies from person to person. When this lube is not enough, the penetration becomes painful. That is why you need sex lubricants when you want a good go.

Why Sex Lubricants are important?

Sex lubricants are not just tools for more fun. They have great importance in several cases. Generally people use saliva, Vaseline or body lotion as lube to ease the process but there is a problem in doing so. First, you would not always want to use saliva on the genitals every time you decide to have sex. Moreover, the saliva dries out too way too fast, making the penetration difficult. Also, the Vaseline and body lotions are oil based synthetic products. They are not fit to use as they take more time to get washed away by the vagina.
The best lubes are those which make sex more whipped and fun. You can select from the low-cost water based lubes for more fun in the bedroom. It also comes with flavors to choose from. You can use the flavored lube to make oral sex yummy and musky. If you are more inclined towards anal sex then silicone lube is your only option to make it a smooth ride.
Lubricants for women can also play a major role in self-pleasuring spree. Apply a personal lubricant on the and a little on the vaginal opening. And you are ready to go.

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