Why Female Condoms are better than Male Condoms

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Know what is a mood killer? That short break to put on the condom amidst all the heat and passion. You may say that there is no other option before condom as it provides effective birth control measure along with protection from STDs. If you do not know about this, check out 7 Reasons Why Condoms Are The Best Contraceptive.  But we would like to mention the existence of female condoms which is often forgotten by the public.

If you are not familiar with this piece of contraception, check out What Is A Female Condom?  Now let’s discuss why female condoms are better than male condoms.

Not a mood killer

female condom not a mood killer

First of all, we would like to mention that, female condoms are not the mood killers like its male counterpart. There does not need to be a fair amount of foreplay to have an erection and to take a break at the time of insertion to put on the male condom. The female condom can be worn as past as 8 hours before the sex. So you are always ready when the time calls for it.

Extra fun & Easy access

female condom for Extra fun & Easy access

The ring of the female condom which hangs outside the vagina is a major pleasure boost. With each thrust, the ring triggers the pleasure spots on the exterior of the vagina. Since the female condom is loose, you would not feel if there is anything between you two. Also, after you are finished, just pull out the condom and you are done.

It is not as if female condom is always better than the male one but it sure has its merits. But before you decide to use it for your lovemaking sessions, you should know that it is a little bit costly and has a 10% lesser chance than its male counterpart. Also, flavored condoms and premium condoms are something which is only available in the male condoms. Also while the male condom is available for sale at medical stores and almost every general store, the female one is not available everywhere. But you can buy female condoms online in India. Check out Why You Should Buy Condoms Online?

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