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Being in a long-term relationship has its perks, but honestly, it has its downsides too. While it’s great to have such close intimacy with someone, sometimes, things can get a little too comfortable. And before you know it, you can find yourself having the obligatory once-a-week sex, just before you both roll over and go to sleep.

Sexcare have a wide variety of products to help you mix it up in the bedroom and prevent things from getting stagnant. We want to help you make sure your love-making remains fun and fresh.

Surprise Her

Surprise your partner with morning sex, or discuss your sexual fantasies with them and try and fulfill them..Try different positions and have fun.

When she’s all ready to go, surprise her by breaking open a packet of Sexual Fun Pack! Trust us, she’ll not be able to resist the refreshing taste of our Products!


Hitting the big O is very different for men and women. On average a woman takes 10-20 minutes to reach orgasm while men reach orgasm after 7-14 minutes. So there is always the stress of leaving your partner “not satisfied.”

The solution – longer foreplays. Set a romantic atmosphere with scented candles, play soft music, use wine to get the mood going. You could also try a bit of bondage like 50 Shades of Grey. Blindfold her, tie her hands, kiss her, tease her and make her want you.

Also, research has shown that when you learn how to wear a perform properly, it lengthens your lovemaking. Find out how to buy sexual products online and check out all our exciting products.

Watch Erotic Movies Together

While many women may not be comfortable with it, there are tons of “female-friendly” erotica in the internet. If the movies aren’t your thing, then give written erotica a try. Spooning your partner or cuddling with them also gives them a feeling of being loved and this in turn makes it easy for them to be more connected with you.

Use Technology in your Sex Life

Sexting, basically the technological version of foreplay, is a great way to get both you and your partner in the mood. It’s also an awesome way to liven up your oh-so-long and exhausting work day.

Treat Her Right

Many men, however, tend to take their partner for granted. This in turn tends to lead to bad or no sex. Make your partner feel special, surprise her with gifts or flowers, treat her like a lady and you will be rewarded.

Try and experiment in bed, and what’s better than Sexcare.com in helping you add to your sexual pleasure. If that isn’t enough you might want to try ourFemale Massager – designed to give her the pleasure and you the credit.

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