How Foreplay Helps To Last Longer In Bed


Women are hard to satisfy and bringing one to the climax is no joke. On the other hand, men have issues controlling the ejaculation. Whether or not one suffers from premature ejaculation, men always find it hard to fulfill a woman’s desire. And we will discuss how foreplay helps to last longer in bed so […]

How Orgasm Can Build Up A Trustworthy Relationship?


Almost everyone knows the benefits of orgasm but do you know that frequent orgasms can help your partner to stay loyal to you? You should ask how we know this. And we pay our respect to the scientists who can do a research on just about anything. Orgasms are wonderful. And its magic wand is […]

Why You Should Buy Condoms Online?


Condoms are the most used contraception method not only in India but worldwide. And why shouldn’t they be? These handy items have all the reasons to rise above its competition. And with the inception of e-commerce revolution, one can easily buy condoms online. Here we are going to compare the pros and cons of buying […]