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Silicone Lubes

It is no secret that sex lubricants make the intercourse more slick and enjoyable. But only a few know that there are different types of lubes meant for different usage. If anal sex is your thing, then silicone based lubes should be your choice.
Silicone lubricants are also fit for other sexual activities other than oral sex. It is long lasting. The skin does not absorb it making it fit for sensitive skin types. It is suitable for full body massage. It doesn’t fade away like the water based lubes. It retains its property even under water. So if you are thinking about some fun in shower, bathtub or swimming pool, this lube has got your back.

Best Lube for Anal Sex

If you are trying for anal sex, lubrication is most important. Since the anus doesn’t make natural lubricant like the vagina does, anal sex is considered as unnatural. The butt hole needs to be well lubricated before trying for insertion. The lubricant you use should have long lasting ability and extremely greasy. And silicone lubricant has all these properties. That’s why it is the best lube for anal sex.

Things to Remember While Using Silicone based Lube

As already discussed, the silicone lubricants are long lasting and do not dry out. And so if your sheets or clothes come into its contact, you will find it hard to clean. Also, it is not fit to use on a sex toy made of Ultraskyn or any other soft material. It deteriorates the texture of the toy. Unlike the flavored lubes, it is not fit for consumption. So when you try to have a go with this anal sex lube, take necessary precautions.

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