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Sanitary Napkins

When that time of the month arrives, women have to manage a lot. Not only it is painful but demands high level of hygiene too. Sanitary napkins have become the best friend to all the ladies out there. They do a lot more than just one task. As obvious it is, they save you from the blood stains. They lock down the smell. And they also stop the danger of infection.

Why to Ditch Cloth & Use Sanitary Pads

Since the mucus opens up for the blood to flow out of the vagina, it invites the risk of infection from the foreign material. If it reaches all the way to the uterus, it may cause some serious issues. Sanitary pads provide a wall from the harmful bacteria. With women sanitary products, you can rest assured of the hygienic value.
The wings of these sanitary napkins make sure that it remains intact in the panties. The shape of the napkin also makes it hard for it to slip away. So this little piece of feminine hygiene gives you all over solution for the menstrual cycle. Also do not forget to use vaginal wash while you are on your periods. It cleans the spot and doesn’t leave any lingering bacteria to infect you.
While sanitary pads make sure you remain disinfected during the menstruation, you have got to follow the vagina care regime during the rest of the month to stay away from STDs. Intimate hygiene doesn’t ask for much and gives you relief from hundreds of complications.

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