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Feminine Hygiene

Intimate care is as important as tending to the rest of the body. But people often ignore the feminine hygiene. While some women do not bother to wash their genitals when they bath, some are even one step further. They do not even clean it after they urinate. The drops of urine in their undergarment keep on infecting their genitals. And they wonder how come they catch weird and uncomfortable diseases between their legs.
The diseases you get due to septic genitals are transferable to your partner in an act of sex. Retaining vagina care is a prime aspect of not only healthy life but also hale and hearty sexual life. So better be safe than sorry.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine hygiene products are all those personal care items which target female genital sanitation. They may or may not have a use during the menstruation period. Yet sanitary napkins, tampons, hygiene products for vaginal discharge and vaginal washes usually lie in the category. However, the definition exceeds to all other items catering to the needs of women for intimate hygiene, whether during periods or after it.

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