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sexcare.com is an e-commerce marketplace website selling sexual wellness products in India. The website is wholly owned by Billion Digital Technologies Pvt. Ltd. based in Delhi. While catering to the best practices in the e-commerce sector, the website ensures the privacy of its users is protected.

All the data we collect from our users is defended whether the company uses, stores, transfers, processes, deals, discloses at the required place, sends it to the clients or business partners in regard with performing services, or receives it back from such entities. This page consists of the information on what we collect and how we intend to safeguard the privacy of our users.


Most of the data that we collect is willfully provided to us by the customers/users. The following is the data we normally collect:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Mobile number
  • Any text, image, video, and/or link provided by the user on the review/comment section

All of the above mentioned data is collected only when the user provides it on the website. The data which the website collects from the user on its own includes the:

  • Browser
  • The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the browser
  • Location of the user
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • The interest of the customer
  • Cookies (Scroll to the end of this page to find the list of cookies we collect)


All the data that is collected by the website (on its own or provided to us by the user) is used to help serve the customers better.

The name, address, email, and mobile number is used for internal record keeping. We use it to deliver products to the customers. We may also contact the user if we believe that he/she needs assistance in his/her purchase. This information is very crucial to us as it helps us carrying out most of the e-commerce activities. We also send promotional offers and information about new products and deals on the contact information provided. However the user can unsubscribe from such promotions any time he/she wants.

The submission made on the website helps us to improve our website, product inventory and content. We make sure that the feedback gets a prompt response. We also apply it as soon as possible if it is accepted.

The location, IP address, ISP and Browser information of the user is collected for the purpose of market research. It helps us to know our customers better. Knowing where we are making good sales and where we are not known to the public rally rounds us to target the specific regions of the country accordingly. The market research enables us to improve our services more effectively than ever.


We make sure that the data user provides and the data we collect ourselves is protected. To safeguard the privacy of our users, we have put in place the proper physical and electronic procedures. He/she can rest assured of his/her confidentiality. We guarantee that the user information is protected with us. As already mentioned all the data we collect from our users is defended whether the company uses, stores, transfers, processes, deals, discloses at the required place, sends it to the clients or business partners in regard with performing services, or receives it back from such entities.


We might disclose the data to a third party including the staff, partners, courier service, etc. for running the business while making sure that it is not misused or disclosed to the public. We are also bound by the law of the country (India) to provide the details we collect to the government authorities under legal process. The data can be used by the government establishment to help them with an investigation or to identify, prevent, and/or detect an offence or fraud.


The user can always ask us to disable the use of his/her data for sending the promotional offers and deals. While providing the data the user also has the option to enable or disable the preference for direct marketing and newsletter. He/she can also contact us in case he/she wants to make corrections in the information we hold on to him/her. The data we collect lies strictly under the Data Protection Act of the Government of India. The user can also ask for a copy of the information being held with the website at info@sexcare.com. He/she can also request us to remove his/her personal information from our database. He/she can also close his/her customer log-in account with the website if he/she wishes to do so.


Cookies are used to track the interests of a particular user. It helps website to identify an individual among millions of other users and thus shows content according to that particular user. A cookie is a small piece of data which the website sends to the user’s browser. This data gets stored on the hard disk of the person browsing the website.



The website www.sexcare.com is a marketplace for e-commerce through various sellers. The users of the website can not & will not hold the management or the employees or the shareholders of the company liable for any product or products being sold on the platform.

The website www.sexcare.com or the company does not hold any drug licenses as the same is not applicable. In case the buyer needs to order something, which requires drug license/ doctor prescription, in that case the buyer is solely responsible to provide certified medical practitioner/ doctor prescription to help company representative to procure on his behalf and courier the items. The buyer is also advised to keep copy of the prescription all the times with himself/herself.

The website www.sexcare.com or the company absolves itself from any liability arising out of company representative buying on behalf of the buyer and all responsibility in this regard is on buyer. The website www.sexcare.com or the company simply buys on behalf of the buyer and couriers the items to buyer.

Sales/Transaction on website is done between company & well-informed adults. In case the buyer finds any product or products objectionable or incorrect, the same may be brought to the notice of management through email on info@sexcare.com.

The website www.sexcare.com being a marketplace for e-commerce through various sellers has limited control on products/contents live on website. The users of the website will not make sexcare.com liable for any purchases on sexcare.com beyond the amount paid to the website and that too as per the return policy of the website.

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