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While Sex toys can be a lot of fun and source of new ways to enjoy the congress with your partner, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you go ahead on your pleasure voyage. The following are the safety measures one needs to keep in mind while using sex toys:

Male Sex Toys

  • Only use sex toys which are phthalate free.
  • Apply only a water-based lube to smooth out the friction between penis skin and the sex toy. Other lubricants (like the silicon lube) might destroy the sex toy.
  • Do not share your sex toy like the Fleshlight with anyone. It is a sex toy not a sex worker.
  • Always clean the Masturbation Toys before and after the use. Hygiene is the key to health.
  • If possible, use a condom while using a masturbator.

Sex Boosters (Delay Gels/Creams/Sprays, Sex Power Capsules etc.)


  • Check for the expiry date on the condom box.
  • Do not buy the condoms if the seal of box is broken. (You would not want to buy condoms which have been poked with needles)
  • Some flavored condoms use sugars which may cause yeast infection in the vagina. You can resort to using flavored condoms for oral and a different one for the penetration.
  • If you or your woman is allergenic to latex, you can always use non-latex condoms.
  • Do not use the same condom twice or for multiple ejaculations. Throw off the condom after you ejaculate.
  • If somehow, the condom pulls out of the penis, do not try to wear it again. Use a fresh condom.

Sprays and Deos

  • Do not use the Deodorant over your face.
  • If perfume spray or deodorant gets into your eyes, visit a doctor right off the bat.
  • If the alcohol present in the Deodorant or Spray causes irritation to the skin, do not use it.
  • Do not spray the deodorant over broken skin or cut.

Penis Enlargement Pump

  • Shave the around the penis before using the penis enlargement pump.
  • Perform a warm up before pumping and stroke the penis to a semi erection state.
  • Do not forget to apply lubricant on the penis.
  • Do not pressurize the penis pump to the point where you feel pain. If it causes pain then it is not right.
  • Perform hot towel wrap after every penis pumping session.
  • The penis pump is a risky device which may cause bruises, blood clots in vein or damage to a lymph vessel. So proceed with extreme caution.
  • Always wash the penis pump before and after the use.

Water Based Lubes

  • Although water based lubricants do not leave stain and are easily washable, these lubes dry off quick so use accordingly.
  • Due to their quick drying property you cannot use water based lubricants under water (or in shower) and for anal sex. Silicon lubricants are better at this work.

Silicone Lubes

  • Silicon lubes are long lasting but they can leave stain on sheets.
  • These lubes are not fit to use with sex toys made of silicon or soft rubber as they may deteriorate the toy texture.

Flavored Lubes

  • Flavored lubes are water based lubes and so dry off quickly.
  • Flavored lubricants are for oral sex, if it contains sugar do not use for penetration or it may cause yeast infection inside the vagina.

Breast Care

Vagina Care

  • Vagina tightening gels and sprays may contain some elements which might not suit you. Consult your doctor before start using.
  • Avoid contact of the vagina tightening gel (and spray) with the broken skin and eyes.

Vibrators and Dildos

  • Always lubricate the dildo or vibrator (or butt plug) with a suitable lubricant.
  • It is better to cover the vibrator or dildo in a condom for insertion.
  • Do not use the same vibrator or dildo for both anal and vaginal penetration. If you are doing so, use a condom. You would not want to invite the bacteria from your anus into your vagina. Use a different condom for different corridor of your body.

Female Contraceptive

  • Do not use emergency contraceptive pills as a regular contraceptive method. They are meant to be taken only as an emergency precaution. Taking more than one pill in the same menstrual cycle may cause inconvenience.
  • The regular contraceptive pills might have some side effects. Consult your doctor for the same.

Female Condom

  • Female condoms have a lower success rate as compared to the male condoms.
  • Female condoms can slip out of the vagina.
  • If the man is not careful, he might accidentally penetrate between the vaginal wall and the outer surface of the female condom. Do remember to guide the penis into the female condom.
  • The female condom might cause discomfort during the sexual intercourse in case it moves inside.
  • Practice inserting the female condom, before you actually do it.
  • Do not use female condom along with the male condom. It will tear down one or both the condoms.

Woman Arousal Lubes

  • Do not use the arousal lube on an un-cleaned vagina. Keep extreme hygiene of your genitals and clean it with a hygiene wipe before you apply the arousal lube on this sensitive spot.

BDSM Kit/ Bondage Kit

  • Do not overdo anything to cause discomfort to your partner in the BDSM fun.
  • While using the bondage kit, form a “safe word” which you can use to inform your partner about your discomfort. (It may also be the other way around.)


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