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Babydoll Dress

Baby Doll dress is nothing new. Its history dates back to 1956. With some innovations it has become the most sought after lingerie item today. It offers great comfort together with a pool of sexiness.
Strictly speaking, a baby doll dress is a short nightgown which finishes 6 inches above the knees. In the modern designs, the front is open and flows like a skirt. Different designs of this sexy lingerie carry works of different fabrics. While some can be sheer to the point of being transparent, others are pretty modest.

Why Baby Doll Dresses are a Bomb?

The most amazing thing about this amatory piece of nightwear is hidden in its peculiar design. It is sexy but kind of cute. It is provocative yet innocent. It is womanly but also girlish. It is seductive to the point where the man loses control of himself. And it is sweet as the sweetest of cotton candy (not literally though, so don’t try to eat the fabric).
The accumulation of opposite forces is what makes baby doll dress a fabulous nightwear. And if you have some kinky stuff at your side, the things can turn out really naughty when the sun sets.

Types of Baby Doll Lingerie

Baby dolls come in variety of designs. It ranges from highly seductive to normal (and to extremely childish in some regions). Baby doll lingerie for women can be a bomb to explode the rage and lust in the man; like the one with embedded pushup bras. It enhances the woman figure and helps to ignite the craving in male partner.
If you want to wear baby doll dress for everyday purpose, you can go for the normal and modest ones. You can wear this one as a top coupled with a pair of leggings or jeans. The designs of these dresses are not just pretty but also resilient. You can either wear it as a nightwear or use it daily for casual wear.

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