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Vibrating Ring

Penis rings are simple yet effective piece of accessory for a long lasting erection. Satisfying a woman is the ultimate form of pleasure one gets aside from sexual one. Yet, there are hundreds of men who fail to do so. While some suffer with premature ejaculation, others do not know how to long last enough to bring her to orgasm. Penis rings help to control the ejaculation timing and enable you to perform for longer periods of time.
Women are hard to satisfy and it requires immense stamina or lots of experience to bring her to climax. Once you fail a couple of times to do so, anxiety traps you in. This hinders you from performing well in future. And the cycle goes on. Just like the delay gels and creams, which desensitize your manhood to counter premature ejaculation, penis rings can save you from this trauma the moment you wear one. No matter if it’s psychological or physical, with cock ring at your aid, you will be able to perform like a pro.

Vibrating Penis Ring

When cock rings can do so much for men it would have been a waste to not add extra mechanism for better sex. That is why we have vibrating penis ring for a highly tantalizing sexual intercourse. Not just you can perform for longer periods of time but can also drive your woman crazy. While the ring sets at the shaft, the vibrating mechanism either stimulates the clitoris or men testicles or both.
So we have two types of vibrating penis ring. One has a single vibrator which can be made to face either the woman’s clitoris or the man’s testes. The other has dual vibrators which can stimulate erogenous spots of the couple at the same time.
With a vibrating cock ring not only do you perform for longer periods of time but also both of you get the sexual sensations multiple times stronger than before. To add some extra fun you can also introduce bondage kits in the bedroom. You can also checkout the 6 sex positions to make the most out of your intimate moments.

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